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  • Bill, Kathy Tetzlaff

    Never had a bad experience. This is our fav restaurant in downtown Ocala


    May 10, 2013

    Harry's Seafood Bar & Grille

    24 Se 1 Ave, Ocala, FL ·(352) 840-0900

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  • Lowell D Smith

    Inauspicious. That's the word for the location. Nothing else about this restaurant fits that description. The owners serve wonderful sauces and great pastas along with other traditional dishes. We have driven up from Citrus County many times and always considered it worth the drive. It is an almost hidden treasure.


    September 12, 2012

    Carmines Cafe

    8810 Sw Hwy 200 #115-116, Ocala, FL ·(954) 818-2047

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  • Annie Jacobsen

    Brick City at Wenona Avenue Catering is awesome! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate what they did for us and in such a short time. Long story short our first choice for catering company was one we found online based on reviews and they double booked our wedding on the wrong date. Rather than do what they can to make good on our wedding date they decided instead to cancel with only two weeks left. We got in touch with Al at Brick City Catering after he was recommended to us and he put together and fabulous presentation for us with the highest quality of service and great tasting food. We were very impressed with the food and it was so good my mom actually tried to get the recipe for it. My husband ran a 5 star restaurant for years and even he was impressed with the service and waitstaff. I told Al that if he came through for us I would leave some great reviews for him online and so here I am making good on promise just like Al at Brick City catering did.


    August 21, 2012

    Brick City Restaurant & Catering

    2019 E Silver Springs Blvd 102, Ocala, FL ·(352) 867-0905

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